What Is Work Life Balance?

Work life balance is a common term used today which refers to a balance between your work life and your personal life. The level of balance is determined by each individual as we are all different and have different needs. Some may enjoy working a couple of extra hours at the job they love while others need more personal time for their hobbies or family.

Whichever you are it is important to identify what your needs are and to allocate your time wisely so you don’t suffer from being overworked, having too much time on your hands or experience a burnout. It is called a balance for a reason and can have negative and positive effects from both your work life and your personal one.

It is hard to know how to balance work and exercise. It can be done but it is also important to rest and have life balance where you see family, go on holiday, etc.

Are you working more than you are living?

Work is important for various reasons, it gives you a sense of purpose, pays the bills and stops you from sitting at home and turning into a couch potato. However, too much work can have a severe impact on your health and well being as an individual whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee. Some signs that you may be working too much include:

.feeling resentful towards your co-workers

.increased stress levels

.feeling frustrated

.tiredness and irritability

.avoidance of tasks or work altogether

When you are feeling overwhelmed by your work or experiencing a burnout it is important to take a step back. Spending more time in your personal life and doing the things you love can help centre yourself and take your mind off the things that are troubling you.

Note: If you spend all of your time doing housework in your downtime this is NOT life balance, it is work! Make sure that you take care of your mind and your body first, especially if you are feeling overwhelmed. Just remember, it will all still be there tomorrow when you are ready to tackle it!         

Why is work life balance important for employers? Because you can't function properly if you are burnt out from always working!

How to achieve a healthy work life balance

Managing your time

One of the BIGGEST excuses that people come up with is “I don’t have time”. This is complete rubbish! People make time for the things they think matter most. If a project seems more important, they make time to work on it. If they want to go to the theme parks on the weekend, they make time for it.

The matter isn’t that you don’t have time it’s that you refuse to make time for the things you need. This is where time management is so important in maintaining a healthy work life balance because it allows you to plan out your week, month, etc. so you can spend time outside of work looking after yourself and doing the things you love to do.

Creating boundaries

Learn to say NO! No you won’t be doing extra hours tonight, no you won’t take that client phone call after 5pm and no you won’t cut down your lunch breaks to continue working. Setting boundaries is extremely important for work life harmony because you can keep giving to the business but what is it serving you in the long run if you burn out?

Yes, working hard and doing your best is important but it doesn’t mean you should put your health at risk. If you set boundaries early on it is more likely that they will be respected so that you can enjoy the benefits of both your working and personal life.


Rest and relaxation are needed for the body and the mind. The body can’t keep working if it is too tired and the mind can’t keep functioning if it is frazzled with too much going on. Taking time to relax and enjoy a good movie, a nice bath, an enjoyable hobby or even taking the dog for a walk is important to help you unwind and take a breath.

There are many forms of relaxation depending on the person. It doesn’t always have to relate to massages and bubble baths with a wine in hand. Find out what makes you relax and incorporate it into your routine.


Socialising allows you to talk to others about what might be bothering you or what might be making you excited. It also helps improve your mood and mental health while also reducing the risk of dementia. So make sure you schedule some time to catch up and have a good chat!

Being flexible

Life happens all the time and work is not the be all and end all. Being flexible with your routine will allow you to mix it up sometimes if something happens, you don’t feel like performing certain tasks or you want to head home early on a certain day. That’s fine! You could even take the day off.

Sometimes arranging that extra time for your personal life can work wonders for your morale which will help you with your productivity later on. Flexibility also reduces stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed which allows you to have better balance between both your working and family life.

Having no personal life can severely affect your performance and your health. It is important to maintain your work life balance so you can stay happy and healthy.

Why all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

You have probably heard this saying before but there is some truth behind this old proverb. It means that when a person is constantly working with no work life balance the person becomes bored with their life and in turn a boring person as well. A similar saying to this would be eat, sleep, repeat over and over again.

“Eat, sleep, and repeat.”

“Eat, sleep, and repeat.”

“Eat, sleep, and repeat.”

It’s almost enough to make you go insane isn’t it? Well, that’s just what it feels like when you have to wake up every day to the same morning routine getting ready for work, doing the same thing day in and day out while having little to no time for yourself except to sleep.