Unlocking The Secret To The 4 Levels Of Happiness

What is happiness? We don’t generally think about what it really is as we go about our lives. It is just a feeling we have in the moment, however long it may last or fleeting it may be. We attach happiness to memories and objects but don’t truly understand what it means to “be happy”. We constantly struggle to find joy and meaning in our existence and sometimes it is more elusive than we think. Therefore, understanding the fundamentals of the four levels of happiness and why we hunger for it can provide a glimpse into the why and how you can be happy.

Staying happy benefits yourself and those around you by creating happy memories that last a lifetime.

Why do we strive for happiness?

Happiness is a universal concept that is often defined as a state of well-being or contentment. It’s that feeling you get that brings you joy, satisfaction and fulfilment in your life. However, many do not know how to create happiness, per say, despite happiness being a fundamental aspect of human nature.

Interestingly though, happiness can be found in the most unexpected places. It is not always tied to material possessions or external circumstances. Sometimes, simple moments of connection with loved ones, acts of kindness and even alone time (better known as ‘me’ time) can bring immense happiness to your day. This helps remind us that happiness is not always about what we have, but rather how we perceive and appreciate the world around us.

The constant desire to be happy also makes us creatures of habit. We do certain things because it make us happy or adds to our happiness down the track. Our mind and body suddenly feels good and this causes a chemical reaction in the brain. Dopamine is then released into our system, which is your mind’s way of rewarding you. On top of that, happiness has been linked to numerous health benefits. Both your physical and mental health are increased when you feel good, making it a crucial aspect of overall well-being.

Happiness Level 1: Material Happiness

The first level of happiness is one of the most basic and it is the happiness of having material possessions. Whether it be a house, car, clothes or toys, many of us feel self-gratification when we obtain something new. No wonder so many people love shopping!


Material happiness gives us an instant high. We are proud of ourselves for making a purchase or finding pleasure in material things. It is an excellent way to quickly lift your mood if you are feeling down and can improve your overall day.


Finding balance allows you to experience the benefits of being happy.

Happiness Level 2: Stroking The Ego

Do you think you’re better than others because you don’t have an ego? Well, that is your ego talking! We all have one and it is born from comparing ourselves to others. This can be a bad thing if you lack confidence but it doesn’t have to be. A little comparison can go a long way for your overall wellbeing. The happiness that comes from stroking your ego is about feeling admired, winning or doing a greater job than those around you. Don’t let it go to your head though!



Happiness Level 3: Helping Others And Contributing

We all want to be included and feel like we are doing our part. This type of happiness comes from the love we have in our relationships, be it friends or family. It also comes from connecting with others, helping them out and doing something meaningful for them. If they are happy, then we are happy!


This level of happiness creates good feelings and memories that we will cherish. Therefore, it is a longer lasting sense of happiness as we can reflect on it over and over again. It is also more meaningful because it affects the social and loving aspects of our lives.


Not everyone will be grateful for your help and not everyone will be loving. Unfortunately, this form of happiness comes with the drawback of disappointment. We do not like to feel hurt by others but it is something we all must face when we interact with those around us.

Happiness tips can help you achieve happiness in various ways.

Happiness Level 4: The Ultimate Meaning And Purpose To Life

We all wonder, what is the meaning of life? What you should be asking is this: What is the purpose of my life? The final level of happiness has been the ultimate goal for many people throughout the centuries, from religious factions to philosophical scholars. It is a happiness that is derived from connecting with a higher power and finding meaning and purpose in your life. Some say it is their calling, others say it is what they were born to do. The ‘what’ is the thing every individual needs to figure out!


This form of happiness is long lasting and extremely meaningful for those that find their purpose in life or their calling. It goes beyond the other levels of happiness, yet they can contribute to it at the same time. It can bring you joy in every waking moment you have, while also making you feel fulfilled. You just have to find your path!


The final level of happiness is the hardest to achieve. This is because it requires connection with a higher power, which requires an open mind. It also requires a deep understanding of one’s self and how you connect to the world around you. Without this level of understanding, the ultimate happiness cannot be achieved.

Balancing the four levels of happiness

Happiness is a balancing act of how we perceive the world around us, how we manage our emotions and what habits we indulge in. Altogether, this affects our wellbeing, both in the short and long term. You can be happy within the moment but be miserable in the long term. This means something needs to change.

The four levels of happiness help to serve as a guideline for different ways you can be happy. The first two levels are more about instant gratification, but alone they will not lead to a fulfilling life. You need to feel like you are contributing and have purpose like the last two levels for long lasting happiness. However, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t feel happy in the moments when short term gratification is needed.

Balancing all four levels of happiness can be tricky but it is rewarding in a way you cannot imagine. This is why many have dedicated themselves over the centuries to living fulfilling lives. Because, ultimately, the pursuit of happiness is the driving force that motivates us to seek out experiences and moments that bring us joy and contentment.