What Is The Point If You Aren’t Happy?

Hi, I’m Michaela! I live in Australia and have had various opportunities to experience how operating a business affects entrepreneurs in many different industries, both in the trade and corporate sectors of the workforce.

And you know what I found after all this time? People aren’t happy! Entrepreneurs, managers, franchisees, you name it. Almost every leader I have encountered is not happy being where they are today. They are stressed, overworked and can’t wait for their next holiday because they still have to work on the weekend! Why is this? Because they don’t have TIME.

So I have made it my mission to help the entrepreneurs who are struggling out there find tools to help automate a business so they can have their work life balance BACK!

Otherwise what is the point of running a business if it doesn’t make you happy?

Mental Health Awareness And Operating A Business

As someone who has suffered from depression and anxiety, I know what it feels like to have the darkness envelope you with no sign of hope to relieve you from your demons. I also know it is not an illness that just goes away like a cold, but is constantly at your heels. This is why depression can be aptly named “The Black Dog”. Always watching, always waiting.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there who dismiss depression and anxiety as some delusional fantasy that people make up to gain sympathy. And I was one of them, until I experienced it for myself. After that I saw, from the other side of the window, people laughing at mental illness and I thought to myself. “How lucky are you? How lucky that you have never had to experience the dread of that darkness.”

Since then, I have witnessed others who have suffered similarly. Friends, family and other entrepreneurs. It is a common illness that many suffer from today. So how does it affect you operating a business? Well, you may not realise it at first but your productivity will start to decrease, you’ll start to hit a wall with certain tasks and your manner will change with staff and clients alike, which they will start to notice as well.

Therefore, helping business owners, like yourself, find the means to manage depression and anxiety is important so you can continue to be productive while enjoying your life and the work you do.

Find out more about mental health awareness and how it affects you operating a business by visiting the blog!

“Become a Brightr Boss by freeing up your time
and living your best life!”

Helping Entrepreneurs Find A Solution
Through Business Process Automation

No work life balance can lead to anxiety symptoms. It is better to have work life harmony.

Work life balance doesn’t have to be a fantasy beyond the rainbow. It can be a reality today with the right business solutions that will help you, as an entrepreneur, automate tasks and business processes.

Imagine being able to go home on time or even EARLY so you can spend time with your loved ones or doing the things you enjoy. Even better, imagine taking the day off to relax and unwind! And this is all possible because you automated business tasks and streamlined your business to allow you more freedom and flexibility.

Through our blog we hope to create better lives for entrepreneurs, just like yourself, by finding business automation solutions so you can rule your business confidently and passionately while freeing up valued time for yourself so you can have the life you deserve as well, and ultimately be a happier, Brightr Boss!